2018 Proposal Submission Guidelines

Conference Theme: Enabling People, Process, Performance through Lean Six Sigma

Please submit a proposal for the 2018 World Conference. You may use this button to submit a proposal for either the ISO Conference, LSS Conference, or both.

Submission Guidelines

a) You may submit proposal(s) for either the ISO 9000 World Conference (ISO) and/or the Lean Six Sigma World Conference (LSS). Proposal Submission guidelines are the same for both conferences. Please review the Proposal submission Guidelines on either of these pages: ISO 9000 Call for Proposals or  LSS Call for Proposals.

b) You may use this online form either for yourself as a Principal Speaker, as a Co-Speaker, or as a Contact Person submitting on behalf of a potential Speaker.

c) Conference registration fee is waived for the Principal Speaker of accepted Proposals. Speakers are responsible for their travel expenses and arrangements.

d)  Technical Sessions are typically 35 minutes.

e)  Please have the following information ready before you start filling out this on-line form.

1. Conference Selection: Please decide which conference you would like to be considered for. Some topics may fit into either program.  You may select both ISO and LSS.  If you select both, then the Review committee will decide where the presentation fits in best.
2. Proposal Title: Maximum 80 characters, including spaces. Please note that the Conference reserves the right to revise a presentation title.
3. Level (optional): You will need to indicate "Basic", "Intermediate", or "Advanced." If you leave this question blank, the review committee will assign the appropriate level.
4. Keywords: Please include three keywords. Maximum 80 characters, including spaces.
5. Industry Sector: You will need to select three industry sectors from a list.
6. Abstract: The Abstract must be in text format, and should not include graphs, tables, or charts, but may include bullets. Minimum 1,000, maximum 2,000 characters, including spaces.
7. Principal Speaker's Biography: The Biography must be in text format, and should not include graphs, tables, or charts, but may include bullets. Minimum 1,000, maximum 2,000 characters, including spaces.
8. Principal Speaker's Photo (optional): Please upload a high resolution color photo with plain background (minimum 600 dpi). A rule of thumb for file size is 500 KB or more. Professional attire is required for the photo. Please use the last name of the speaker at the beginning of the file name. You may upload more than one photo. File must be submitted as an image file such as GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, or TIFF.
9. LinkedIn or Public Profile for the Principal Speaker (optional): Please provide link(s) to the LinkedIn profile or any other public profile.
10. Track Chair (optional): Please indicate if you would like to serve as a Track Chair if your proposal is accepted. If the answer is "yes", you may be assigned a Track on the same day as your presentation but at a different time slot to avoid any conflict with your presentation. 
11. Co-Speaker (optional): If you are planning to have a Co-Speaker, please include the contact information on your submission. Please remember only one Co-Speaker is allowed per Proposal. Co-Speakers are required to register at the regular Conference rate if they wish to attend the conference. 
  • 11a. Co-Speaker's Name and Contact Information: Please provide the following fields, separated by commas: 
    Prefix, First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name, Job Title, Company, Street Address, City, State, Zip, Country, Mobile, and Email Address
  • 11b. Co-Speaker's Biography: Please use the same format as the Principal Speaker’s Biography.
  • 11c. Upload Co-Speaker's Photo: Please use the same format as the Principal Speaker’s photo.