Creating a Journey to World Class Performance, Utilizing Operational Excellence

Korey Zawadzki, Partner, Competitive Solutions, Inc., Alpharetta, GA, USA

Keywords: Use Key Principles to Create a Operational Roadmap, Learn how to Align the Organization, Learn how to Develop Ownership of the Process

Industry: Manufacturing

Level: Advanced


This concise and practical presentation will guide attendees on how to apply key principles of creating a roadmap to world class performance utilizing Operational Excellence. The presenter will explain the importance of a solid foundation or common operating picture for the organization to rally around, while driving People, Process and System engagement. Just like building a structure, it is necessary to have a solid foundation. This is no different when designing a roadmap utilizing a methodical approach the entire organization will play a part in creating and owning. Many organizations rely on Lean/Six Sigma tools and techniques alone to drive transformational results. This can initially drive efficiency gains; however, it is often not sustainable and will result in pockets of excellence, driven by a continuous improvement team and not the organizational Leadership team. Operational Excellence should be driven and owned by the entire organization to ensure transformational results, leading to world class performance. Attendees of this presentation will learn to identify a methodical approach to building a roadmap to their journey to world class performance.

Attendees will discover everything from how to start the identification of what should be included in the foundational elements of their journey, as well as understand how to align the organization. Additionally, the presenter offers critical insight on what works and what to look out for when embarking on a journey to world class. This is an essential presentation for executives who want to gain market share and achieve dynamic success in today’s marketplace.

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