Bradley L. Golish, PhD.

LSS MBB, United States Postal Service, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Dr. Golish is a “worker first” focused leader of the United States Postal Service, Eastern Area Continuous Improvement, Program Manager and Master Black Belt, responsible for ~ 80,000 area (PA, OH, WV, IN, KY, TN, S-NJ, and W-NY) employees.

His 10+ years of experience improving enterprise performance has been predominantly balanced across government contracting, medical laboratory testing, automotive manufacturing, and public service communities.

As a University of Pittsburgh Doctorial graduate currently residing in the Pittsburgh area, Dr. Golish has been the cornerstone and catalyst behind the improvement initiatives successfully completed by the Eastern Region and has certified over 300 Green Belt and Black Belt candidates thus far.

His innovative techniques and methods of cultivating continuous improvement awareness, at every level within the organization, has been recognized and applauded by the Chief Operating Officer, Mr. David Williams and Eastern Area Vice President, Dr. Joshua Colin.

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