Lean Coffee: Lean and Six Sigma Community of Learning

Vera Polyakova, Senior Manager, Client Strategy, ThinkVera, Land O Lakes, FL,USA

Keywords: Round Table, Share Information, Networking

Industry: All

Level: Basic


Our community consists of people with different experience levels and expertise. So what is the simplest way to share our knowledge? Lean Coffee is a destination for the Lean and Six Sigma Community to come together and share knowledge. As a community, we can come together to share information and answer questions on LSS concepts.

Lean Coffee participants set the agenda based on what they want to learn and share! Each table will create a simple Personal Kanban. Everyone will write down topics or questions that they are interested in, pitch the topic(s) to the table, and prioritize what to discuss.

Join the Lean and Six Sigma community Lean Coffee and share your expertise and stories, find answers to difficult questions from other experts, hear others experiences and stories, and help those eager to learn!

Please submit a proposal for the 2018 Lean Six Sigma World Conference.  You may use this link to submit a proposal for either the LSS Conference, ISO Conference, or both.


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