• Process Innovation: When a Step-Change is Needed

Process Innovation: When a Step-Change is Needed

Presenter: Gregory Robertson, Lean Strategy and Implementation Manager, Hallmark, Kansas City, MO, USA

Keywords: Innovation Techniques, Process Improvement, Step-Change

Industry: Energy, Healthcare, Manufacturing

Level: Intermediate


In the constant battle of “survival of the fittest,” every business must constantly re-evaluate its mission-critical processes to improve financial results and maintain customer satisfaction. Often, using the mantra of “small enough to win, large enough to matter,” multiple smaller scope process improvements occur over time to ultimately reach a future ideal state.

However, there are times when step-change improvements may be required due to rapid, significant changes in customer expectations, competitor advancements or new organizational strategy challenges. Process Innovation techniques can be used to supplement typical brainstorming sessions to help process improvement teams develop more effective and innovative ideas.

The session will use an interactive process exercise that focuses on three simple process innovation techniques that can be used during any brainstorming session:

  • With reversing assumptions, improve collaboration and innovative thinking by reversing previously held assumptions.
  • With analogies, stimulate fresh perspectives and new solutions by using situations unrelated to the original issue.
  • With different perspectives, stimulate new ideas by having team members portray the perspectives of another person or position.

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