Missing Opportunity for Making and Capturing Daily Improvement

Marco Luzzatti, Trainer/Consultant, LSS Train-the-Trainer, Greenville Technical College

Keywords: Employee Engagement, Daily Management

Industry: All

Level: Beginner


U.S. companies and executives “love” high impact, strategic and breakthrough improvements often achieved through kaizen events, traditional Lean Six Sigma projects, problem solving and other improvement methods.  There is a huge overlooked and hidden opportunity in the U.S. to tap into the power of all employees working every day to implement improvements and help execute strategy.  Traditional suggestions systems or disguised suggestions systems don’t work since ideas end up in a “black hole.”  

Find out how some companies are implementing dozens and even hundreds of small ideas per employee per year with surprising impact on morale, performance and culture. While implementing an employee idea program across an organization can be hard, participants will have the opportunity to identify their own ideas and leave with things they can do to get started tomorrow.  

Leave this presentation viewing ideas and improvement in a whole new light.

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