Surviving CPI

Jim Bowie, President, Roxtar Consulting, Kearneysville, WV, USA

Keywords: Lean, Strategy, Sustain

Industry: All

Level: Intermediate


Its three o’clock in the morning and you can’t sleep...again. The wind tears at your window and anxiety rips at your guts. Earning your place as an effective quality improvement leader can be a real horror show, fraught with perilous decisions, looming danger, and a host of boogeymen waiting in the shadows. That thing that goes bump in the night is killing your organization and stalling your career path – so step into the light and send it back to hell. Using strategic, operational, and tactical best practices from the greatest leaders of the macabre, you will learn how to: 

  • Avoid GROUPTHINK and LEAD the pack; 
  • Discard your mask(s) and DEFINE your leadership STYLE; 
  • Discover your MISSION and GOALS with killer ACCURACY; 
  • KNOW your TEAM members (their dreams and nightmares); and, 
  • Make expectations CLEAR and achieve consistent RESULTS. 
Don’t be a victim – exorcise your fears. Join us…

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