March 13-14, 2019  Hyatt Regency San Antonio Riverwalk, San Antonio, TX USA

Lean Six Sigma for Advanced Users

As the organizers of the Lean & Six Sigma World Conference, we pride ourselves in bringing together the best experts and practitioners from around the world. There is a very simple reason for this — Lean & Six Sigma (LSS) is defined by its real-world, practical application; thus, making its practitioners the best teachers.

At its core, LSS is a powerful, pragmatic paradigm, defined by its primary philosophy that efficiency and quality are the “most” fundamental components of effectiveness. Elimination of waste cannot remain an academic endeavor. Moreover, it can be applied broadly and can be used concurrently with other methodologies.

There are companies all over the world, of all sizes, that are using a “Lean way of thinking” without even knowing or naming it. The Apollo 11 mission to land the first two humans on the moon, one of which was Dr. Buzz Aldrin, provides a most beautiful example of applying the principles of LSS. “Lean” because it required a minimalistic approach to the process, and “Six Sigma” because it required maximum precision of the target for landing.

This conference is a place where “Lean-minded” companies can come together, share insights, and advance the broader application. Hope you can join us!

Sermin Vanderbilt, Ph.D.
President, American Quality Institute

Conference Chair’s Message 

Even in Vegas, when it comes to process improvements, luck is not a strategy!  Since you’re reading this message, you already know this to be true.  Lean Six Sigma and other process improvement methods need more than statistical analysis and project management skills. These efforts use rigorous improvement methodologies that require a rare skill set. Successful practitioners must be quick learners, expert problem solvers, fearless data analysts, energetic leaders, effective teachers, organized project managers, and persuasive presenters.  They must also be keenly familiar with many different tools and programs. This year, the Lean Six Sigma World Conference aims to fulfill this need with over 50 presenters, 18 tracks, and numerous networking opportunities. 

Enabling People, Process, and Performance through Lean Six Sigma is the key to making improvements happen.   I’m very excited about this year’s program!  Our speakers are top-notch.  We are especially proud to host our closing keynote speaker Captain Sullenberger, who is known as an international hero for the "Miracle on the Hudson.” He and his crew safely guided his US Airways jetliner to an emergency landing on that icy Hudson river. 

Please join me at the LSS World conference, hosted in fabulous Las Vegas, NV.

Bonnie Stone, MBB, PMP                                          Chair, 2018 Lean Six Sigma World Conference


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