• A Next-Generation Methodology to Accelerate & Sustain Behavior Change

A Next-Generation Methodology to Accelerate & Sustain Behavior Change


Paul Fjelsta, President & Founder, accomplir Inc., The Woodlands, TX, USA


Behavior Change, Change Management, Leadership Engagement





There are decades of research showing that the majority of improvement initiatives fail to meet and/or sustain performance expectations. Leadership’s support and engagement has been consistently identified as the most important but significantly lacking factor in initiatives’ success. We believe this “performance disconnect” occurs because of inattention to the behavior change dimension. The best strategies and most agile organizations won’t reach their process improvement goals unless they are able to change leader and performer behaviors. Nothing changes until behavior changes.

accomplir® Behavior Management focuses on important, new, or changed behaviors to optimize process performance. In addition, it enables leaders to better understand their role in positively reinforcing behavior change adoption and sustainability.

This session takes a practitioner’s viewpoint, focusing on accomplir’s® Behavior Management (Applied Behavioral Science) tools integrated into a DMAIC framework. In the context of accomplir’s® integrated methodology, we will review how Behavioral Annotated Processes SM accelerate and sustain behavior change.


Participants will learn:

    • The essentials of accomplir® Behavior Management and the importance of positive Consequences & Feedback to change and sustain behavior
    • How to identify and pinpoint Key Behaviors
    • The importance and use of Current-State Behavioral Annotated Processes
    • Designing more effective Future-State processes

Workshop Flow:

Introduction and Objectives (Estimated Time: 5 mins)

accomplir® Behavior Management (Estimated Time: 15 mins)

    • accomplir® Behavior Management Framework and key principles
    • Contrast accomplir® Behavior Management and Change Management

Current–State Behavioral Annotated Process SM Tool (Estimated Time: 20 mins)

    • Behavioral Annotated Process - format examples
    • Identifying Behavioral Issues and Key Behaviors

Future–State Behavioral Annotated Process SM Tool (Estimated Time: 20 mins)

    • How to “Design for Sustainability SM”
Summary and Q&A (Estimated Time: 10 mins)