• Agile Process Innovation: Hacking Lean Six Sigma

Agile Process Innovation: Hacking Lean Six Sigma


Agile Process Innovation: Hacking Lean Six Sigma


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Lean Six Sigma body was designed for manufacturing, although these manufacturing jobs are now rare. That’s why we need a simplified and streamlined approach to Lean Six Sigma that fits services.

I believe that “Agile Lean Six Sigma” is the answer to evolving Lean Six Sigma into a set of tools and principles that will better serve our fast-moving and diverse service-oriented economy.

Back in 2000, a rogue group of programmers got together and applied the principles of Lean to software development. They came up with a fresh approach to software that they named Agile. Agile has begun to spread into all business operations from HR to operations. Maybe Lean Six Sigma should too.

The programmers came up with a new set of values and objectives. By adapting their values and objectives, we can come up with new Lean Six Sigma values.

The Agile Lean Six Sigma Values:

  • Results over rigor
  • Working improvements over comprehensive documentation
  • Cross-functional collaboration over silo analysis
  • Responding to change over following a plan
  • Numerous small experiments over a few large bets
  • Testing, data and charts over opinions and conventions
  • Engagement and transparency over posturing

Hacking Lean Six Sigma

Is it possible to accelerate the adoption and use of Lean Six Sigma by hacking how it’s implemented? By hacking, I mean the good kind of hacking (white hat not black hat)—simplifying, streamlining and optimizing the methods and tools to maximize results with minimal investment.

Some of the takeaways from this presentation:

Learn what Agile Lean Six Sigma is

Learn How Hack Lean Six Sigma to Create Agile Lean Six Sigma

Learn How to Get Results Quickly

How to Collapse the Lean Six Sigma Learning Curve