• Coaching for Success within Continuous Improvement

Coaching for Success within Continuous Improvement


Korey Zawadzki, 

Sr. Partner, VP Operational Excellence and Business Development, Competitive Solutions, Inc, Goldsboro, NC, USA


Coaching, Leadership, Development


Career Development



Coaching for Success within Continuous Improvement! During this dynamic session the facilitator will demonstrate why it is critical to incorporate Coaching with any Continuous Improvement program. Have you ever tried to implement a great continuous improvement idea and it Failed? Not because it was a bad idea or a lack of commitment on your part, but you couldn’t get a cross-functional group to support. You are not alone as many organizations have found the value in utilizing continuous improvement tools and techniques. These tools are typically used with a belt type certification program. Once the individual follow’s a block of instruction, they are then released to go find a continuous improvement project, form a team and implement the change following a methodical process. Unfortunately, this is when the disconnect happens. Often the newly designated continuous improvement leader is left with little to no guidance on how to influence, without authority, as many of the project team will not directly report to the project leader. They are then required to drive the newly formed project team to achievable results. Through this highly interactive session, the facilitator will discuss the human side of coaching for success within a CI environment. Until human’s are replaced with robots, it is imperative leaders should understand how to motivate a team to high performance through practical coaching. Attendees will discover everything from how to start the identification of who should be included when selecting project team members, to how to interact with a diverse work group. Additionally, the presenter will share critical insights on how to inspire, motivate, recognize achievement, as well as hold team members accountable. This is an essential presentation for executives, CI Leaders and future CI facilitators ensuring a successful continuous improvement journey.