Seth Davies

Executive VP, Competitive Solutions, Inc., Alpharetta, GA USA

As Executive Vice-President of Competitive Solutions, Inc., Seth has over 30 years of experience assisting a diverse group of public and private companies as well as local governments in the development and deployment of strategic business processes throughout their organizations. He is an expert in the areas of business metrics and dashboards, organizational communication strategy, and employee accountability and engagement.

Seth is a popular speaker at Operational Excellence, Human Resource, and Quality Conferences. He believes organizations today must create and sustain a culture with three non-negotiable attributes. Those attributes are: collective accountability across the company, a documented communication strategy and key business metrics to drive focus and urgency at all levels.

Organizations Seth has worked with recently include Bristol Meyers Squibb, 3M, Pfizer, Adaptive Biotechnologies, DeKalb County, (GA), BioMarin, Goodwill Industries, Revlon, City of Charlotte and Zoetis. He lives in Atlanta with his wife Ann and their three children, two sons (out in the workforce) and one daughter in college.


Creating a High Functioning Management System

Unprecedented change and challenges are facing organizations across all industries. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, 57% of employees in the United States feel disconnected at work. “Red Cape-Heroic” leadership can be necessary in managing a crisis, but it cannot become the perpetuating force driving change in the organization.How do leaders create the culture to connect employees to the business and the organization?

Many organizations have people coming back to work after being virtual or hybrid for two years. Now is the time to “LEAN INTO” the non-negotiable systems and processes required to move from a position of Defense to Offense both organizationally and from a leadership execution standpoint.

Learn the four non-negotiable processes for a robust management system. Participants will learn how to build and use non-negotiable processes to engage and fully realize the potential of their workforce. These processes help to create a teamwork driven culture of clear business focus, a sustained sense of urgency, and stronger team accountability. With Process Based Leadership®, attendees will be able to reinvent and sustain their new, successful culture.

* Analysis of Low Functioning vs. High Functioning Management Systems and Business Ramifications

* Build performance metrics that drive business focus, urgency and accountability

* Reigniting your teams that are hybrid, virtual or in-person with non-negotiable systems

*Establish leadership skills to elevate employee engagement in your organization

*Create a communication cadence that informs at all levels and tiers Transformational Processes to create innovation in teams


Government Organizations


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