Don't Ignore Data Quality in Your Supply Chain!

Presenter: Chad Walters, Six Sigma Black Belt, Supply Chain Management, Beaver Street Fisheries, Jacksonville, FL, USA

Keywords: Strategy, Deployment, Pharmaceuticals

Industry: Automotive, Manufacturing, Software

Level: Intermediate


Supply chains are impacted by both product quality and data quality—as materials and products are moved and transferred throughout a global supply chain, so are big data elements. Critical information such as item identification, material characteristics like colors and sizes, batch numbers, quantities, conditions, transportation modes, and production dates get communicated between suppliers and customers along with the physical items themselves. 

With the growth of digital supply chain management, supply chain transparency requirements, the internet of things, customer/supplier collaboration, advanced data analytics, and information requirements from customers, breakdowns in data quality can be just as costly as poor product quality. This session will identify examples of poor data that impacts end users, the growth of customer data portals, current customer data needs and the available tools for maintaining real-time data integration, and methods for automating transmission of data between supply chain elements using specialized barcode standards and scanners.