Mary Beth Edwards
Vice President, Global Business Operations, Arrow Electronics, Inc., Centennial, CO, USA

Mary Beth has steadily worked her way up to roles with increasing levels of responsibility during her 20-plus-year Arrow career. Mary Beth started with Arrow in 1995 as a training manager in Memphis, Tennessee. Since then, Arrow has rewarded Mary Beth’s work ethic, “can-do” attitude and entrepreneurial spirit with roles of progressive responsibility in logistics, quality, operations, customer support and inside sales. Also, Mary Beth is a U.S. Army Military Police combat veteran. She served in both Desert Storm and Desert Shield during her 17-year active- and reserve-duty Army career.

Mary Beth’s realm of responsibility includes, but is not limited to, Global Quality, Vendor Management, Business Continuity and the Global Project Management Office. She is also responsible for the final transition of Arrow employees in the America’s region from a legacy Unix system, which had been in use for over 35 years, to Oracle. Mary Beth has 200 employees working under her and five department heads who report directly to her—more employees reporting into her than some CEOs.

Mary Beth is a champion of continuous process improvement in the Arrow culture. She has overseen the training of over 270 Arrow employees in Lean Six Sigma Continuous Improvement methodology. And, she launched 10 separate Continuous Improvement projects to enhance customer experience and reduce operational expenditures. In 2016, her team reduced operational expenditures by $3 million. They also transformed a post-sales function within one of Arrow’s lines of business from losing $300,000 in 2015, to generating $500,000.

Mary Beth sits on the governance board of Project PAVE, a local nonprofit dedicated to stopping the generational cycle of relationship violence through a unique combination of intervention and counseling services, education around the prevention of violence, and youth leadership opportunities that give young advocates a voice. Project PAVE was established in 1986 in response to a number of violent incidents in the Denver area. Community leaders came together to create a framework that would intersect early in the lives of youth and families exposed to violence.