• Enhancing Leadership Support for Your Lean Six Sigma Deployment

Enhancing Leadership Support for Your Lean Six Sigma Deployment

Presenter: J. Chris White, Sr. Program Manager, DESE Research Inc, Huntsville, AL, USA

Keywords: Consequence Map, Systems, Process Improvement, Lean, Six Sigma, Implementation

Industry: Defense/Military, Government, Healthcare

Level: Intermediate


From the field of system dynamics, we know that the structure of an organizational system gives rise to the behavior of this system over time and, ultimately, to its performance results. Structure guides behavior, and behavior generates results. Structure includes any and all interconnections among different entities and elements of the organizational system, such as policies, procedures, budget controls, financial incentives, hierarchies of authority, employee training, inventory management processes, hiring/firing processes, etc.

Leverage for changing the performance of a system is not found in knee-jerk reactions to recent performance results or data points (e.g., layoff, excess inventory). Instead, leverage for changing the system comes from changing the underlying structures that create the behaviors that generate the current level of performance. If this maxim is applied to leadership, then effective leaders are the ones that can create the proper structures within an organization that more easily generate the desired behaviors and results.

This presentation shows how the structures of an organization can be manipulated to help kickstart an LSS implementation effort as well as keep it going if or when it stagnates. Most importantly, common "systemic" roadblocks will be discussed and addressed.