Five Critical Insights into Customer Engagement

Presenter: Marilyn Monda, CEO, MA, MBB, Monda Consulting, San Diego, CA, USA

Keywords: Customer, Customer Engagement, Customer Journey Map

Industry: Customer Service, Manufacturing, Service

Level: Basic


To succeed in quality, we must face the challenge of truly understanding our customers — what they want, when they want it, and how. Customers have more choices than ever. They have louder voices, but are you hearing them speak? If you want to learn about the customer engagement landscape, the why, the tools, and better understand the customer journey map, this session is for you.

The competitive advantage that exploring and exploiting customer engagement provides is significant and can be summarized by five critical insights, namely ;

1. Why the customer is the key to process excellence (when you can and can’t use the customer as a source of information)

2. Customer engagement is more than just marketing (but marketing tools can really help)

3. You already know how to do some of this stuff (a review of customer quality tools)

4. Customer Journey Mapping can finally link the customer to your process (Why the process is, as always, the key to quality, productivity and competitive advantage), and

5. Successful measurement of customer engagement (hint- this is not about measuring process outputs).