Jamon Horton
Manager of Client Technology Experience, AFLAC, Columbus, GA, USA

Jamon Horton is the Manager of Client Technology Experience at Aflac HQ based out of Columbus, Georgia. Jamon has been with Aflac for 11 years and has gained tremendous knowledge from serving in several different roles in the organization. He has experience in Flexible Spending Accounts, Strategic Partnership Alliances and most recent; Lean AGILE and the Customer Experience.

Jamon has a deep passion for Aflac’s customer and drives towards making their experience an easy one. He doesn’t back down from challenges, in fact, the word “can’t” drives him to doing what others believe can’t be done. Jamon is currently the Product Owner of a Lean AGILE team and has been over the past 2 years. He assisted in driving up customer ease scores on platform surveys to an all-time high for the company.

Jamon also looks at how enhancements created by utilizing the voice of the customer also drive success within the organization by creating leading measures for executive leadership. The initiatives that Jamon has driven over the past few years have not only led to customer ease but also have assisted in reducing incoming calls to our Customer Service Center and driving down email requests from our customers which creates efficiencies within the company.