• How Visual Management Enables Accountability and Results

How Visual Management Enables Accountability and Results


George J Maszle, VP, Business Process Improvement, Air Academy Associates, Webster, NY, USA


Richard C. Murrow, Chief Executive Officer, Air Academy Associates LLC, Colorado Springs, CO USA


Visual Management, Organization Improvement Boards, Accountability and Improvement





Performance Improvement initiatives in Healthcare Organizations have enabled improved clinical outcomes, patient experience, and organizational efficiency. These processes are essential in providing quality and cost-effective healthcare to all. Increasing numbers of Healthcare organization are recognizing the importance of these systems and techniques. When executed well, they can significantly improve patient experience, organizational performance, patient safety, staff satisfaction and financial results. When they are not executed well they can waste valuable time and resources, while providing little in the way of sustainable improvements for the organization and its patients.

A performance improvement technique that has gained much traction across healthcare and yielded significant results is Visual Management. Hospitals and other healthcare providers have implemented various forms of Visual Management within their organizations with great success. This presentation/workshop will explore these successes and share best practices utilized within the New England network of VA hospitals. The presenter and his team have supported various VA hospitals and support organizations over the past 6 years. During that time these organizations have experienced significant improvements in performance, staff engagement, accountability, process understanding, reduced waste, strategic alignment, and patient experience.

Visual Management tools have been utilized at all levels throughout the organization from the executive conference rooms to the front-line medical units. These techniques have provided increased accountability, better clarity of objectives and measures, improved management systems, and enhanced staff engagement. Visual Management techniques, such as Unit-level Improvement Boards, Departmental Displays and Executive Dashboards have provided many benefits. In addition to supporting leadership and Management processes, well-crafted Visual Management techniques help to identify work priorities, share daily process performance and enhances communication. Visual Management promotes better patient outcomes, draws attention to safety concerns, encourages better job performance, provides good process control, communicates status/information, and helps tracks training plans and work standards.

In positioning visual management as an effective toolset for process improvement in healthcare, other concepts such as strategic alignment, gemba rounding, control charts, improvement projects and waste reduction techniques will be explored. Working together as an integrated system, these concepts provide Healthcare, as well as other industries, an efficient and powerful set of tools. Attendees will develop a clear understanding of how these concepts work together to improve organizational performance, see real-world examples of how visual management is being used in Healthcare, and identify ways that their organization might implement these concepts to strengthen the performance improvement systems in their organizations.

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