• Improving Customer Experience and Staff Engagement through Lean Thinking

Improving Customer Experience and Staff Engagement through Lean Thinking


Mohamed Saleh, Director of Operational Excellence and Senior Lean Sensei at Hartford HealthCare Corporation, Vernon, CT, USA

Co-Presenter: Todd Osowski, Lean Sensei, Hartford HealthCare Corporation, Hartford, CT USA


Lean System, Customer Experience, Staff Engagement





In this challenging healthcare environment we are being paid less to do more under greater scrutiny. The success of an organization is dependent upon two critical factors: 1) the implementation of a robust operating system that harnesses and unlocks the hidden capacity within its current resources and 2) full engagement from executive leadership team for the long term.

At Hartford HealthCare, our Lean Transformation has impacted over 18,000 employees with breakthrough strategies, innovation, improved customer experience and growth. “Our changing environment requires us to continuously transform ourselves to meet our aspirations as a health system. We set the bar high in terms of outcomes and we expect nothing but the best in living our values,’’ says Jeffrey A. Flaks, Hartford HealthCare (HHC) Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Shortly after, in 2016 the Lean Operating System was launched across 14 businesses areas and has now spread to over 600 areas. Culture changed as the focus was on Lean Principles and associated behaviors rather than tools. There was great enthusiasm on how the adoption of the lean management system helped both enhance the customer experience and advance the focus around our strategic priorities. The staff became equipped to transform, reshape and set a new standard to how we deliver care to our patients and the overall community.

This presentation will share the 4 domains of work and how they are carried out to form the backbone of the transformation: Management System, Production/Operations System, Problem Solving Muscle, and People Development. In addition, a year over year progressive journey with mistakes and lessons learned along the way will be presented.

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