Scott Kowalski
Senior Technical Trainer, Minitab, Inc., Sanford, FL, USA

Dr. Scott Kowalski earned his Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Florida, where he taught several courses and concentrated on design of experiments and response surface methodology. He has been a Senior Technical Trainer at Minitab Inc. since 2001. Scott is on the Quality Engineering Editorial Review Board and has held several positions within the ASQ Statistics Division. He has published articles in Journal of Quality Technology, Quality Engineering, Quality Reliability Engineering International, Technometrics, and Quality Progress. Scott was awarded the 2005 Lloyd Nelson Award by ASQ for the paper having “the greatest immediate impact to practitioners”. In addition to his extensive teaching experience and research, he has delivered presentations and seminars at meetings of professional organizations including the American Statistical Association, the Fall Technical Conference of the American Society for Quality's Statistics Division, and many events in Asia.