William LaFollette

Global Operations Excellence Leader, Accumen, Gilbert, AZ, USA

William LaFollette has over twenty-five years of experience in delivering quality and organizational excellence programs in the health care, automotive, and telecommunications industries. He is an accomplished leader, strategist, public speaker, teacher, and author. Will also serves on numerous committees and has served on the Board of Directors for American Society for Quality (ASQ), He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Association for Business Process Management Professionals (ABPMP), and Southwest Alliance for Excellence (Regional Baldrige program) building education and certification programs, developing professional collaborative teams, leading execution of global quality initiatives and accomplishing strategic goals.

Will has made outstanding contributions in quality and organizational excellence science, as well as to leadership in the development and education of emerging professionals globally, for more than 20 years. He is nationally and internationally recognized as a leader in the field of quality, and has delivered educational programs on numerous occasions over the past several years on quality management and emerging operational excellence methods. The focus of William’s work and research has been the sources and impact of quality, their relationship to organizational culture and needs of a global community.

Will’s mission is to convert thoughts into actions by bringing people and processes in a definite structure within which all the activities that take place allow the organization to accomplish the desired results and move on the path of success and glory.

• Ability to instigate positive thoughts, energy and bring harmony and coordination to enhance the well-being of the organization and people

• In-depth knowledge of economic, social, and political scenario across the world and other factors that directly or indirectly affect an organizaitons operations

• Expert in the Field of Quality and sub disciplines; Lean, Six Sigma, Quality Engineering, BPM

• Proficient in a multitude of digital tools and applications; a must for any organization today

• Confident, communicative, and a very patient individual with high levels of focus and determination

Details of Work Experience

Designation: Global Operations Excellence Leader

Organization: Accumen Inc.

Duration: ovember 2015 to present

Job Duties

• Study the current organizational trends and develop solutions to build a truly transformational organization and culture

• Research the activities Healthcare; Laboratories, Patient Blood Management, Health Systems management, and Continuous Improvement and accordingly develop a roadmap to deliver new approaches to operational excellence

Designation: Executive Advisor, Business Process Improvement

Organization: CVS Health

Duration: May 2014 to November 2015

Job Duties

• Engage enterprise wide leadership, with specific emphasis on understanding service line performance and developing systemic solutions from ideation to execution.

Academic Qualifications

Master of Science Quality Engineering Management – Columbus University

Bachelor of Science Quality Engineering – Columbus University

Ph.D. candidate – Sheffield University

Professional Qualifications

Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Certified Quality Engineer

Southwest Alliance for Excellence – Board of Directors

>Assoc. of Business Process Management Professionals – Board of Directors, V.P. Education

American Society for Quality (ASQ) – Board of Directors, National Director

ASQ - Editorial Review Board, Certification Exam, Social Responsibility, Technical Program Committee


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