• Lean Applied to Your Organization’s Lean Training Certification

Lean Applied to Your Organization’s Lean Training Certification Cause


Mark Adams, Director Engineering Services, Flex Ltd, Louisville, KY, USA


Root Cause, Facilitation





Are you training many of your employees, and yet seeing only a very small few make it to certification? Worse yet, are you training more than you're improving? Although you must start somewhere, how long do you train before you should see results? What is a good rate of return from those who attend academics to those who achieve certification?

While working at the largest USAF Fighter Wing in the world, I was the lead Change Agent responsible for training and certifying our new Green Belts. The intent was to teach 40-hours of academics over the course of a week, and then coach them through the certification process that culminated in their facilitating a continuous improvement event (AKA Kaizen) on their own. However, with only an average of 1.5 of the average 15 students making it to certification, we knew we had an inefficient and perhaps, an ineffective process. Like many others, we applied corrective actions such as commitment letters and positive rhetoric to drive engagement. However, it wasn't until we looked at the process with a Lean lens (ironically, the very thing we were teaching) that we started to improve our process of process improvement.

This presentation will show you how we fell into our performance gap, and then used our own Lean tools to solve our problem. The redesigned delivery of training allowed us to meet our organization's certification requirements while increasing both the scale, scope, and return of the initiatives we conducted. Join me as I show you how we applied Lean to our Lean Training and Certification process.