Lean Daily Management - Achieving Performance by Enabling Teams

Presenter: Steve Ebbing, President, the ebbing group, Ramona, CA, USA

Keywords: Teamwork, Communication, KPI achievement

Industry: Aviation/Space, Healthcare, Manufacturing

Level: Intermediate


In this presentation, the attendees will learn what a Lean Daily Management System is and how it facilitates action plans to keep work teams on track and fosters effective problem solving / root cause analysis. A good LDMS highlights abnormalities at the time the error occurs ensuring quick root cause resolution.

In this presentation the attendees will learn how to establish an LDMS that will:

1. Simplify communication

2. Involve employees and foster teamwork

3. Identify and solve problems

4. Measure progress daily

5. Drive Continuous Improvement

6. Has clear improvement goals

7. Aligns the workgroup efforts with site/company goals and priorities.

The presentation will demonstrate the five critical elements of a robust LDMS: Routine huddles, Primary Visual Displays, Key Performance Indicators, Action sheet system, and Short interval leadership.

Lean Daily Management applies to manufacturing operations, support processes, service industries, and business processes. Any function with a process will benefit from a Lean Daily Management System.

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January 31, 2019
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Conference Chair's Message 

Joel Smith

Continuous Improvement is not just something a Lean Six Sigma (LSS) practitioner leads their organization in practicing, but is also a core competency of their professional makeup. That is why more and more innovative and leading companies are looking for leaders that use the LSS way of thinking in everything they do within their organization.

In this era of data science and machine learning, the ability to connect the dots for end to end solutions across the boundaries of people, process and systems is the key to success. This year’s conference is focused on making sure we are “continuing” our journey as practitioners. Whatever your level of experience, you will learn new concepts, new perspectives and network with the best in the industry.