Lean Six Sigma Strategies in Cyber Security: Detecting and Defending Against Cyber Attacks

Presenter: Scott Jauman, Master Black Belt, Lean Six Sigma, Target Corporation, Brooklyn Park, MN, USA

Keywords: Cyber Security, Cyber Attack, Information Security

Industry: Defense/Military, Financial Services, Retail

Level: Intermediate


The criticality of keeping Enterprise data secure these days is difficult to overstate. Simply reading the headlines in the news each week is sufficient to drive this point home. But are you fully applying your Lean Six Sigma program to this area of critical need? Are you accurately describing the various motivations of attackers and addressing all segments of the roadmap that they use while they are attempting to steal your data? Are there measurements in place that could warn you of an impending attack? Do you know how to describe the signs of an attack that is occurring now? What are the potential costs of inaction?

This seminar will begin by describing the various motivations behind a cyber attack and the lifecycle that many attacks follow. It will then explore the critical metrics and potential process-improvement projects that your enterprise can leverage to increase the level of awareness in your employee population to potential threats. It will also explore how you can improve the security of your data through better prevention, detection, and containment activities.

Finally, while the likelihood of a cyber attack, the impact to the reputation or bottom line of an enterprise, and the return on investment for a process-improvement program in cyber security can be extremely challenging to measure. In this presentation, we will explore steps you can take to improve business cases for investing resources in this arena and for gaining greater visibility to your Lean Six Sigma program efforts.

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