Lean Six Sigma at the Crossroad of Technology Adoption and Practitioner Wellness


Madhura Chandak Bajaj, Executive Director - Clinical Integration, JPS Health Network


Physicians, Technology, Wellness





This presentation showcases a spectacular tale of JPS HIM department’s thoughtful, yet courageous journey to enhance clinical documentation, technology adoption, practitioner satisfaction and wellness. For many practitioners, clinical documentation can be viewed as the necessary evil. Medical staff practices at JPS included traditional documentation methods such as manual typing and phone dictation. In the midst of operational and cultural instability, the HIM team boldly commenced implementation of the real-time-voice-recognition (RTVR) technology for clinical documentation. It enables practitioners to conversationally create, review, edit, and sign clinical notes directly within the Electronic Medical Record (EMR).The journey highlights importance of brainstorming with the stakeholders, balancing the new-school-old-school mentality, being vigilant about resource allocation and collaborating with the Medical Staff for sustainable gain. Application of the Lean principles, DMAIC methodology and Business Process Reengineering (BPR) has resulted into triple digit percentage growth in not only RTVR enabled clinical documentation but also user base in a twelve month period. It is indicative of a very effective implementation and user adoption. At JPS, it has added tremendous value to the providers’ clinical documentation workflow and has been applauded as a top trending practitioner satisfier. Better documentation, reduced turnaround time, fewer delinquencies, practitioner wellness and better financial stewardship are establishing a strong foundation for long term success!

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