Making a Broader Business Case for Lean Six Sigma in the B2B Environment

Presenter: John Goodman, Vice Chairman, Customer Care Measurement & Consulting, Bethesda, MD, USA

Keywords: Business Case, Customer Experience, Voice of the Customer

Industry: Customer Service, Manufacturing, Service

Level: Intermediate


Most LSS business cases are incorrectly based on cost savings. A much greater payoff can be quantified if impact on loyalty, word of mouth, margin and market share are examined. These are much more relevant in a B2B environment.

Goodman will provide base methods and guidelines for creating business cases based on revenue enhancement, not just cost-cutting. Using four case studies from business services, truck finance, commercial insurance, and medical devices he will illustrate how a compelling case can be made with the CFO for investment in quality and customer experience. Further, new research in B2B customer behavior based on the original White House-sponsored study of complaint handling will be presented. This will include emotional reaction to business customer problems. For instance, a major reaction to being misled by sales is betrayal - accompanied by sharp drops in loyalty and willingness to recommend.

Participants will learn:

1. Key components in a Voice of the Customer process which includes, but goes beyond, surveys to include contacts and operational data

2. How to design surveys to get higher response rates and more actionable data

3. How to integrate such data and how to collect customer contact data at a granular enough level to be actionable

4. Conduct a five-minute exercise to evaluate the quality of their currently available business case and VOC data

5. Using the above data to support quality improvement pilot tests

6. How to package and present data to the CFO and the CMO to gain support for investment in both LSS continuous improvement and Voice of the Customer activities.