Ann Nguyen

LSSBB Lexmark International, Inc. Lexington, KY, USA 

Ann is currently working at Lexmark International Inc. where she has established herself as an authority on Lean Six Sigma project management while maintaining an impeccable project success record. Presently, Ann is the Global Standard Process Governance Chair as she is recognized for her capability to overcome international project barriers and resistance with a unique inclusiveness approach to project management. Her portfolio included some of the most challenging projects — well-known for past failures. Ann strongly believed in her approach as it is the major reason for her spiraling success. More importantly, Ann believed that in light of the successes, the most rewarding part of her job has always been to see team members enjoy their work and that they are recognized and given proper career advancements.

Prior to working at Lexmark International Inc., Ann worked for United Space Alliance (USA) as a software project engineer. Here, she received the Quest for Excellence Award for her ability to estimate scheduling requirements to a 99.99% accuracy. Ann successfully applied to Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training program where she was accepted to work on important enterprise-level Black Belt software projects. During this time, Ann began to realize the profound importance of integrating people, process and technology as a capability to overcome resistance and barriers and thereby ensuring project success. She continuously sharpened her visualization skills, i.e. Value Stream Mapping (VSM), Visual Management System to advance the integration of people, process and technology in project management.

Ann hold an entrenched belief that the success of her career and other facets of her life can be attributed to immense trials and tribulations that she had endured since early stages of her life — the ravages of war and its socio-economic upheaval aftermath, poverty, language and cultural barriers in a foreign land. She has learned as a necessity to pause and reflect deeply to transform the limitations of constraints into opportunities and advantages. Based on this paradigm, Ann successfully fought cancer while not opting for the conventionally recommended methods. The experience has strengthened her belief and a deeper realignment of priorities. In order to attain a truly meaningful and rewarding career ultimately would depend on your role in making others meaningful and rewarding.

Ann achieved her Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Nebraska. Having achieved three consecutive magna cum laude, Ann was accepted as one of only two interns at Sandia National Laboratory under the tutelage of world-renowned scientist C.J. Brinker. Her joint work was published in the Nature magazine. Ann received her Master of Technical Management with Honor from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Her thesis was entitled, Improve Software Work Request Closure Process in Flight Operation Engineering - United Space Alliance Using Workflow Software Technology.

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