Overreact Less, Improve More, and Manage Better: Leadership Lessons from Statistics and Psychology

Presenter: Mark Graban, Author, Speaker, Blogger, Constancy, Inc., Fort Worth, TX, USA

Keywords: Leadership, Process Behavior Charts, Statistics.

Industry: All

Level: Intermediate


Leaders are often caught between being short on time and having to make accurate assessments of performance. By using simple statistical methods (“process behavior charts”), we can avoid overreacting to every up and down in our performance metrics. We can save time and reduce frustration by not asking for "special cause" explanations for data points that are essentially noise in the system. When we overreact less, we have more time for systemic improvement. Mark Graban will share practical tactics for shifting leadership focus from the old standby of drilling into random metrics to instead using data points correctly to systematically improve overall performance for the long term.

The second part of the presentation explores the question of “why do people often not embrace new methods that are rationally and demonstrably better?” Instead of lecturing employees or leaders for being “resistant to change,” we can learn and apply modern methods from the realm of clinical counseling. Instead of telling people what to do, or even telling them why they should change, a more effective approach is a process of engaging people that can be learned and practiced.

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