Barbara Scott
Vice President, Research & Consulting, Compliance Standards, LLC, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Two decades of experience building multi-stakeholder consultative relationships, managing full lifecycle projects, and executing strategies to grow, improve and innovate Fortune 500 businesses using process and technology as conduits to empower people and increase profitability.

A deep sustainability and corporate social responsibility advocate, with a pronounced commitment to transformative change in these times of environmental and social crises, which manifests in research, advisory & management consulting, leadership coaching, writing, public speaking and more.

Barbara has worked with a wide range of businesses including Fortune 500 global enterprises, creating outstanding results through a rare combination of conventional change consulting approaches and cutting-edge innovations leveraging her years of experience in the business and technology arenas and her skills as a Six Sigma black belt in process engineering. She designs, develops and implements systems that consistently deliver quality results, improving the triple bottom-line [people, planet and profit].

Through strategic advisory consulting and customized seminars, Barbara assists individuals and organizations with driving an internal ethos of continuous improvement, one person and process at a time.