Selling Quality and Service to the CFO Based on Revenue and Word of Mouth Impact

John Goodman, Vice Chairman, CCMC, Alexandria, VA, USA

Keywords: Business Case for Service, Proactive, Preventive Customer Experience, Unified Voice of the Customer with Impact

Industry: Customer Service

Level: Intermediate


CCMC's 2016 National Rage Study showed that customers' greatest problems are with technology and the greatest point of pain is wasted time and inconvenience. Further neither business nor consumers often complain due to hopelessness and fear of retribution. However, the damage to revenue, margins and word of mouth is huge. This session will show quality analysts how to quantify these impacts in a manner the CFO and CMO will accept, thereby justifying increased investment in quality and proactive, preventive service. Case studies will be provided from financial services, cellular phones and truck leasing as well as companies like Chick-Fil-A, FedEx,Tokyo Electric Power and Harley Davidson.

You will leave this session able to:

1.           Understand your consumer and business customer expectations and behavior

2.           Understand how to identify key points of pain and cheap delighters at a granular level including how much of the dissatisfaction is not voiced

3.           Quantify the payoff of addressing these issues via process improvement, prevention or aggressive service in a manner that the CFO and CMO will accept

a.                How to go beyond the annual do-you-love-us-survey to create an actionable Voice of the Customer process that does not frustrate customers and staff

b.                How to move from firefighting to proactive preventive service that is engaging when appropriate

A checklist to both evaluate your current VOC/service process and take immediate, doable preventive actions starting next Monday.

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Conference Chair's Message 

Joel Smith

This year’s conference is focused on making sure we are “continuing” our journey as practitioners. Whatever your level of experience, you will learn new concepts, new perspectives and network with the best in the industry.

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