Simplifying Healthcare Standard Work


Nisi Bennett, Executive Producer, Apostrophe Consulting, San Antonio, TX, USA


Simplifying Standard Work, Tools, Healthcare





Standard work can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be...and there in lies the problem. With the proper standard work, organizations can capture the current processes in place, create a target condition and provide accountability for leadership and their departments. The first thing we will address is the type of standard work your organization wants to accomplish. Is this standard work the target condition or is it the current process. Determining the caliber you want to set for your healthcare organizations standard work will the biggest challenge. This presentation workshop is designed to give beginners of standard work, manageable and bite-size steps to create a foundation to build their standard work upon. Understanding the significance and importance of creating standard work will be the second challenge. Current state standard work can provide a very raw and realistic approach to how things are really being done in your organization. Don’t let this keep you from creating the current state. It could also be the foundation in which you measure your organization's growth, from current state to target condition. Target condition standard work provides leadership with the opportunity to create accountability for their departments. Not until expectations are known, understood and implemented can real accountability begin. Accountability is a two way street for

Standard work is done best in layers, however when you are in healthcare you are obligated to manage the many governing and licensing authorities that you answer to. Starting with the basic job description, adding internal governance and then external governance, we will beautifully layer healthcare standard work. Attendees will be able to walk away with valuable tools to reproduce standard work in all areas of their healthcare organization.

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