Stages of Operational Excellence: From Safe and Clean to Six Sigma and Lean

Presenter: Jeff Johnson, Director of Process Improvement, USG Corporation

Keywords: Operational Excellence, Key Performance Metrics

Industry: All

Level: Basic


Stages of operational excellence build upon each other to drive industry-leading performance.  Safety, reliability, quality, speed, and cost are all benefits of continuous improvement initiatives. How are these initiatives best sequenced to maximize results along the journey to operational excellence? What are the implications of ala carte or disintegrated improvement strategies? What are the key performance metrics that should be driven, when? Lost Time, OSHA Recordable Incident Rate, OEE, R-Square, Cycle Time Efficiency, Improvements per Employee or Hard Savings? Which approaches or sequence of approaches enables people, processes, and performance to achieve the greatest results, while at the same time developing those capabilities?

Zero Injury, TPM, Lean, Six Sigma and Lean Management will be explored. As an implementer of improvement initiatives, what is your organization’s current stage of excellence? What is your vision for the future? What foundationally can be established to build to the next stage?