• The Outward Mindset - Enabling Breakthrough People Performance

The Outward Mindset - Enabling Breakthrough People Performance

Presenter: Tom Weeks, Senior Consultant and Director of Client Solutions, The Arbinger Institute, Farmington, UT, USA

Keywords: The Outward Mindset, Mindset Drives Behavior, Behavior Drives Results

Industry: Education/Training, Financial Services, Healthcare

Level: Intermediate


Organizations, teams, and collaborators are made up of individuals, people who work together every day engaged in activities to accomplish a common goal. However, the effectiveness of these individual and collective efforts is determined by something below the surface. Something that is driving every behavior and is so foundational that the organizations and teams who ignore it are dying on the vine. What is this unseen force? Mindset.

Mindset is about how we see our work, a project, other people and the organization as a whole. Imagine what would happen if leaders, teams, collaborators, and individuals operated with a mindset that was committed to the success of everyone around them instead of just themselves. What would happen to conflict? What would happen to engagement? What would happen to performance? Tom will share the amazing transformation that takes place individually and within entire organizations who turn outward.