• The People Factor - Why Improvement Initiatives Fail

The People Factor - Why Improvement Initiatives Fail

Presenter: Barbara Scott, Vice President, Research & Consulting, Compliance Standards, LLC, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Keywords: Organizational Change Management, Process Improvement, Change Adoption

Industry: Electronics, Service, Software

Level: Intermediate


The People Factor - Why improvement initiatives fail is an Organizational Change Management (OCM) talk serves as a learning experience that builds a foundation for successful, large-scale process transformation activities. It is designed to equip change leaders for the performance of their roles throughout the implementation and transformation initiative. The following results are anticipated:

  • An understanding of the eight success factors that enable business transformation.
  • How to assess the organization’s current capability level in one or more of the change success factors.
  • An understanding of the barriers that may prevent the organization from achieving its goals.
  • The importance of an action plan that the organization can use to remove the real and perceived barriers to change.
  • How an OCM Strategy can be integrated with the organization’s plans for transformation.