The Simple Reason Your Lean Six Sigma Solutions Are Not Sticking

Presenter: John Wellwood, CEO, York, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Keywords: Change Management, Maximizing Benefits, Skill Development

Industry: Education/Training, Manufacturing, Service

Level: Basic


Ever wonder why your technically perfect solutions don’t receive instant acceptance or generate the anticipated benefits? Many Green and Black Belts are shocked to discover that when they present their findings, they are not hailed as saviours of the company, and their solutions are not instantly put into practice. In fact, they often find that their solutions are not embraced at all, making the time and effort invested in developing such solutions a waste.

The story of project failure due to lack of acceptance within an organisation is an all too common one, and it is almost always due to the same oversight; While Green and Black Belts may be technically able and their solutions may be sound, they fail to recognise that finding an effective solution is only the start of a successful Lean Six Sigma project. For true success, the same amount of time and effort invested into finding the solution must be invested into generating support and acceptance of the solution. What’s more, this time and effort must be applied throughout the Lean Six Sigma process.

Just as in every step of the DMAIC process there are technical Lean Six Sigma tools, every step in the DMAIC process must include change management elements. For many Lean Six Sigma professionals, this appreciation and attention to change management will require a fundamental adjustment of how the process is taught and applied. This seminar will lay the foundations for this significant but vital change.

The speaker will reveal the importance of redefining the teaching of the DMAIC process to include change management elements, sharing his experience successfully implementing Lean Six Sigma in this way for nearly three decades to solve problems in industries across five continents. The seminar will not only open your eyes to the importance of change management in Lean Six Sigma application, but also share tools and techniques to put this into practice and finally achieve real project success.


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Conference Chair's Message

Laura Martin-Samala

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