Dawn Toussaint 

UX Strategist, Vanguard, Valley Forge, USA

Dawn Toussaint joined Vanguard, one of the world's largest investment management companies, in 2000. Early in her career, as a UX Designer, she evolved both B2C and B2B brand touch points through emerging technologies. In her current role, as a UX Strategist, Ms. Toussaint focuses on the marriage of human-centered design and business strategy; leveraging both qualitative and quantitative data to inform and deliver service opportunities.

Being a creative professional, Ms. Toussaint decided to take an unconventional approach to personal development. In 2010, she accepted a nomination to pursue a Six Sigma Black Belt certification. This opportunity lead her on a 2 year rotational path, supporting strategic initiatives across all divisions of Vanguard, and culminating in a 4 year deployment supporting the operational design and delivery of Vanguard’s Personal Advisor Services.

As a lifelong learner, in addition to her AST from Hussian College, Ms. Toussaint holds a number of technical certifications. Attaining her CSSBB in 2012 from Villanova University, she’s enjoyed exploring the application of the methodologies, tools, and techniques in non-traditional ways. In addition to her work at Vanguard, she specifically enjoys leveraging entrepreneurial and social media platforms as testing grounds for new ideas, and a means to continue to broaden the application of her skills.