Achieve Corporate & Professional Goals through Lean Six Sigma
Jim Duarte ASQ Fellow, LSSMBB, CSSBB, CQE

There are few organizations that have embraced Lean Six Sigma for the enterprise. Many organizations see it as an isolated program to solve problems and hopefully save money, but not a method associated with achieving corporate goals. Why might this be? Is it because the organization doesn’t have a good goal-setting process?

Goal setting can be achieved through strategic planning and deployment via Strategy Deployment associated with Hoshin Kanri. Projects are defined in this methodology that are perfect for applying the Lean Six Sigma processes for their accomplishment. Since, through this methodology, projects are tied to overall organizational objective, it leads to a more corporate focus on the projects.

Achieving goals requires a disciplined effort with Lean Six Sigma at the heart. Unfortunately, some organizations that did embrace Lean Six Sigma for the enterprise were unable to sustain it ... read more

What is the Difference Between Lean and Six Sigma
Tina Agustiady, LSSMBB, Lean Management Consultant, MetLife, Tampa, FL, USA

Many people want to know what the difference between Lean and Six Sigma is.

It should be known that the two methodologies go hand in hand and need each other to survive properly. Lean has methodologies around waste removal, organization, and being more productive.

Six Sigma is structured around eliminating defects and variation utilizing statistics.

In order for Six Sigma to be incorporated properly, the beginning stages of Lean must be incorporated which include the organization and 5S perspective and the elimination of unnecessary activities and waste.

Lean includes problem solving, standardized work, error proofing, value stream mapping to incorporate proper layouts, and visual management techniques... read more