Understanding How Production and Integrative Improvement Systems Provide Enduring and Sustainable Results


Glenn Leask, CEO and President, Competitive Capabilities International, Irvine, CA, USA

 Elieantoine (Tony) Riachi, Executive Leader, PM, Senior Consultant, Competitive Capabilities International, Irvine, CA, USA


Sustainability, Production Systems, Supply Chain Management


Manufacturing and Supply Chain



More than 50% of Lean Manufacturing efforts fail. Why? Many companies evangelize their internal production systems as the solution to sustainability. Unfortunately, few have succeeded. 

Glenn Leask, the man who has guided Fortune 500 companies through sustainable CI journeys to emerge as World Class Organizations, is going to share key insights into what makes production systems work across the entire supply chain. From pre-assessing improvement needs based on maturity, to integrating the multiple CI initiatives typically prevalent in large organizations, to building capability while effecting culture change. Glenn will guide you on a path towards enduring, sustainable results. 

He will make the case that a CI journey needs to be simultaneously wide and deep, it needs to underpin the broader business strategy and align all functional strategies to focus on processes serving the customer. Organizational structures, systems, Metrics and motivators, leadership processes and capabilities across the entire organization need to be aligned to effect the culture and behavior changes to ensure sustainable change. He will argue and substantiate that these wide-reaching changes are impossible without a system to measure, synchronize, coordinate and manage the multiple interfaces of deploying a company’s CI strategy.  

Following Glenn’s presentation, he and Tony Riachi will take questions for discussion around sustainability, production systems, and results.