Lean Six Sigma World Conference is Proud to Announce Captain Sully Sullenberger as THE Keynote Speaker


Tuesday Morning, April 3, 2018

Track 1 presenters in order of appearance


LSS Track 1 - Keynote
Power of Lean Six Sigma to Drive Business Transformation
Marcello Ballroom 4402-4405, 4502-4505   
Track Chair: Bonnie Stone; RC: Laura Martin-Samala and Joel Smith

8:00 AM – 8:10 AM

Opening Remarks
Bonnie Stone, Chair, 2018 Lean Six Sigma World Conference

8:10 AM – 8:45 AM

Session #LSS – 011
Overreact Less, Improve More, and Manage Better: Leadership Lessons from Statistics and Psychology
Mark Graban, Author, Speaker, Blogger, Constancy, Inc., Fort Worth, TX, USA

8:45 AM – 9:20 AM

Session #LSS – 012
Driving Business Transformation with Rapid Continuous Improvement

Mary Ann Mauldwin, COO, Roush & Yates Racing Engines, Charlotte, NC, USA

9:20 AM – 9:55 AM

Session #LSS – 013
Stages of Operational Excellence, from Safe and Clean to Six Sigma and Lean
Jeffrey Steven Johnson, Director, Process Improvement & Lean Management, USG Corporation, Chicago, IL, USA

9:55 AM-10:15 AM  Refreshment Break


LSS Track 2 - Keynote
You Are Always a Winner With Lean Six Sigma
Marcello Ballroom 4402-4405, 4502-4505 
Track Chair: Bonnie Stone  RC: Tommy Van Eimeren & Don Johnston

10:15 AM-
10:50 AM

Session #LSS – 021
Enhancing Leadership Support for Your Lean Six Sigma Deployment
J. Chris White, Program Manager at DESE Research, Inc., Huntsville, AL, USA

10:50 AM-
11:25 AM

Session #LSS – 022
Making a Broader, More Compelling Business Case for Lean Six Sigma
John Goodman, Vice Chairman, Customer Care Measurement & Consulting, Washington, DC, USA
11:25 AM-
12:00 PM

Session #LSS – 023
The Continuous Transformation Journey of an 82-Year Old, Fortune 150 Technology Company
Mary Beth EdwardsVP, Arrow Electronics Inc., Denver, CO, USA

12:00 PM_
12:15 PM

Session #LSS – 024
Lean Six Sigma Excellence Awards
Kimberly Watson-Hemphill, MBB, President, Firefly Consulting, Austin, TX, USA

12:15 PM -
1:15 PM

Lunch Break


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Enabling People, Process, and Performance through Lean Six Sigma
The Lean Six Sigma World Conference is proud to announce Capt. Sullenberger who is known for "Miracle on the Hudson," for safely ...read more

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Tuesday Afternoon, April 3, 2018


LSS Track 3
Application of Lean Six Sigma in the Real World
Track Chair: Stefana Saxton; RC: Kimberly Watson-Hemphill
Marcello Ballroom 4405-4406, 4505-4506

LSS Track 4
Successful Solutions with Lean Six Sigma
Track Chair: Joel Smith; RC: Korey Zawadzki
Marcello Ballroom 4401- 4402

LSS Track 5
Lean Thinking and What It Can Do for You

Track Chair: Jim Duarte; RC: Tommy Van Eimeren
Marcello Ballroom 4403-4404, 4503-4504

1:15 PM-
1:50 PM

Session #LSS – 031
United States Postal Service Lean Six Sigma Maturity and Lessons Learned
Rick Thompson, Black Belt, United States Postal Service, Washington, DC, USA; Co-Presenter: Jason Hewitt, Black Belt, USPS

Session #LSS – 041
A Framework for Selecting the Best Fit Approach to Solve Business Problems
Parto Dehdashti, Master Black Belt, Vanguard, Valley Forge, PA, USA;
Co-Presenter: Dawn M. Toussaint, UX Strategist, Vanguard, Valley Forge, PA, USA

Session #LSS – 051
Lean Kanban - When Traditional Lean Just Isn’t Lean Enough
Misbah Chaudhry, Senior Lean Agile Project Leader, Dun & Bradstreet, Short Hills, NJ, USA

1:50 PM-
2:25 PM

Session #LSS – 032
Reduce Idle Time, Improve Productivity and Reduce Cost in Your Call Center
Tim Decker, Director, Contact Center Consulting, NICE Solutions, Coral Springs, CA, USA;  Co-Presenter:  Peg Peterson

Session #LSS – 042
Running with Scissors
Paul Sheehy, Principal, Paul Sheehy Consulting, Brewer, ME, USA

Session #LSS – 052
From Lean Thinking to Injuries Shrinking
Tony Courtney, Director Sales Operations, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Plano, TX, USA

2:25 PM-
3:00 PM

Session #LSS – 033
How Ride Sharing and Autonomous Vehicles Impact Customer Usage and Reliability

James Wasiloff, Quality and Continuous Improvement Manager, Applied Process Inc., Farmington Hills, MI, USA

Session #LSS – 043
The Simple Reason Your Lean Six Sigma Solutions Are Not Sticking
John Wellwood, CEO, 100% Effective Ltd., York, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Session #LSS – 053
Leveraging Lean Logistics to Lead in the 21st Century!
Michael Ford, Principal, TQM Works Consulting, Port Crane, NY, USA

3:00 PM-
3:30 PM

Refreshment Break

LSS Track 6
Role of Leadership in Energizing Lean Six Sigma

Track Chair: Will McDade; RC: Russ Aikman
Marcello Ballroom 4401- 4402

LSS Track 7
Put Your Lean Six Sigma on the Right Track to Success

Track Chair: Billy Ingram; RC: Marilyn Monda
Marcello Ballroom 4405-4406, 4505-4506

LSS Track 8
Lean Six Sigma Gamification

Track Chair: Jeanne Sirovatka; RC: Adam Gilley
Marcello Ballroom 4403-4404, 4503-4504

3:30 PM-
4:05 PM

Session #LSS – 061
Accountability Breeds Response-Ability - What's Your Policy?
Madhura Chandak Bajaj, Executive Director, Clinical Integration, JPS Health Network, Fort Worth, TX, USA

Session #LSS – 071
City of Dallas’ Lean Six Sigma Deployment: Perspective, Present, and Possibilities
Joseph Kunnath, Manager-LSS Master Black Belt, City of Dallas, Dallas, TX, USA

Session #LSS – 081
Gamification - Creating Super-Engagement in Any Lean Six Sigma Deployment
Thomas Van Eimeren, Lean Sigma CPI Manager Global Business Operations, Arrow Electronics Inc., Mesa, AZ, USA

4:05 PM-
4:40 PM

Session #LSS – 062
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center’s Venture into Becoming Self-Sufficient Problem Solvers
Paul Christman, Senior Performance Improvement Consultant, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon, NH, USA

Session #LSS – 072
The People Factor - Why Improvement Initiatives Fail
Barbara Scott, Vice President, Research & Consulting, Compliance Standards, LLC, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Session #LSS – 082
Lean Six Sigma Gamification
Jennifer HooksDirector Performance Improvement, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC, USA

4:40 PM-
5:15 PM

Session #LSS – 063
Lean Six Sigma Leadership: Going Beyond the Tools
Gurpreet Singh, Quality Program Department Director/Chair, California State University, Carson, CA, USA

Session #LSS – 073
Signs That Your Lean Six Sigma Deployment Is Failing
Ken Feldman, Principal Consultant, Optec Consulting, Miami, FL, USA

Session #LSS – 083
Lean Six Sigma Gunslinger: What Do You Have in Your Belt?
Patrice Boutier, Business Advisor, TMAC, Arlington, TX, USA


Wednesday Morning, April 4, 2018


LSS Track 9
Lean Six Sigma and Healthcare, a Winning Combination
Track Chair: Beverly Daniels; RC: Don Johnston
Marcello Ballroom 4403-4404, 4503-4504 

LSS Track 10
Lean Six Sigma and Big Data: Beyond the Buzzwords

Track Chair: Laura Martin-Samala; RC: Joel Smith
Marcello Ballroom 4405-4406, 4505-4506

LSS Track 11
Enabling People, Process, and Performance Using Lean Six Sigma

Track Chair: Barbara Scott; RC: Will McDade
Marcello Ballroom 4401- 4402

8:00 AM-
8:05 AM




8:05 AM-
8:40 AM

Session #LSS – 091
Patient-Centered Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare—Rejecting Industry’s Narrow Efficiency Focus
Richard Schonberger, Independent Researcher/Author/Speaker, University of Nebraska, Bellevue, WA, USA

Session #LSS – 101
Beyond the Buzzwords: Applications of Machine Learning in Lean Six Sigma
Cheryl Pammer, Sr. Advisory User Experience Designer, Minitab, Inc., San Diego, CA, USA; Co-Presenter: Charles Harrison, Statistician, Minitab, Inc.

Session #LSS – 111
Team Facilitation for Every Lean Six Sigma Professional
Erik Christensen, President, Las Vegas Lean Six Sigma, Henderson, NV, USA

8:40 AM–
9:15 AM

Session #LSS – 092
A Winning Combination: Human Centered Design and Performance Improvement
Dennis Deas, Managing Director, Kaiser Permanente,  Denver, CO, USA; Co-Presenter: Bryan Collins, MBB, Kaiser Permanente, San Francisco, CA, USA

Session #LSS – 102
Data Science Tools and Techniques to Turbo Charge Your Process Improvements
Mark Cichonski,
Director of Continuous Improvement, Lexis Nexis, Charlotte, NC, USA

Session #LSS – 112
Enabling People Through Lean Six Sigma Techniques
Tina Agustiady, Partner, Director of Continuous Improvement, InnovaNet, Lithia, FL, USA;
Co-Presenter: Dr. Mike G. Cobb, Partner, InnovaNet, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

9:15 AM-
9:50 AM

Session #LSS – 093
Reducing Arrival to Provider-Seen Time in the Emergency Department
Jonathan Flanders, Director of Performance Excellence, Sky Lakes Medical Center, USA; 

Session #LSS – 103
Getting Started with Big Data – A Lean Six Sigma Practitioner’s Guide
Kristine Bradley, Principal, Firefly Consulting, Austin, TX, USA; Co-Presenter: Kimberly Watson-Hemphill, President, Firefly Consulting, Austin, TX, USA

Session #LSS – 113
Lean Daily Management - Achieving Performance by Enabling Teams
Steve Ebbing, President, The Ebbing Group, Ramona, CA, USA

9:50 AM-
10:15 AM

Refreshment Break 

LSS Track 12
Don’t Gamble With Your Customers

Track Chair: Marco Luzzatti; RC: Adam Gilley
Marcello Ballroom 4403-4404, 4503-4504 

LSS Track 13
Lean Six Sigma and Big Data Make a Powerful Combo

Track Chair: Joel Smith; RC: Bonnie Stone
Marcello Ballroom 4405-4406, 4505-4506

LSS Track 14
Lean Six Sigma Culture Enables Innovation
Track Chair: Joseph Kunnath; RC: Tommy Van Eimeren
Marcello Ballroom 4401- 4402

10:15 AM -
10:50 AM

Session #LSS – 121
Stakeholder Engagement: The Gateway to Social Responsibility
William Ingram, Director of Lean Product Development, Interface, LaGrange, GA, USA

Session #LSS – 131
Lean Six Sigma Strategies in Cyber Security: Detecting and Defending Against Cyber Attacks
Scott Jauman, Master Black Belt, Lean Six Sigma, Target Corporation, Brooklyn Park, MN, USA

Session #LSS – 141
The Outward Mindset - Enabling Breakthrough People Performance
Tom Weeks,
enior Consultant and Director of Client Solutions, The Arbinger Institute, Farmington, UT, USA

10:50 AM-
11:25 AM

Session #LSS – 122
Five Critical Insights into Customer Engagement (Part 1)
Marilyn Monda, CEO, MA, MBB, Monda Consulting, San Diego, CA, USA

Session #LSS – 132
Embracing Disruptive Analytics for Six Sigma
James Duarte, Principal, LJ Duarte & Associates, LLC, Clermont, FL, USA

Session #LSS – 142
Go Big or Go Home; Beyond Operational Efficiencies
Stefana Saxton, Business Excellence Innovation Leader, Black & Veatch, Overland Park, KS, USA

11:25 AM-
12:00 PM

Session #LSS – 122
Five Critical Insights into Customer Engagement (Part 2)
Marilyn Monda, CEO, MA, MBB, Monda Consulting, San Diego, CA, USA

Session #LSS – 133
Managing Big Data Projects with Six Sigma Methodology
Senthilkumar Thiyagarajan, Graduate Research Assistant, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA
Co-Presenter: Dr. Chad Laux, Associate Professor, Computer and Information Technology Department, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA

Session #LSS – 143
Developing a Lean Attitude Is Not Achieved with a Roll of the Dice
Michael Walsh, President, QSG-Lean Sigma Learning Center,  West Yarmouth, MA, USA

12:00 PM-
1:15 PM

Lunch Break  

Wednesday Afternoon, April 4, 2018

LSS Track – 15
Lean Six Sigma Tools for a Proven Path To Success

Track Chair: Kimberly Watson-Hemphill; 
RC: Marilyn Monda
Marcello Ballroom 4405-4406, 4505-4506 

LSS Track – 16
Lean Six Sigma for Managing Process and Change

Track Chair: Korey Zawadzki; RC: Marco Luzzatti
Marcello Ballroom 4401- 4402

LSS Track – 17
Lean Six Sigma Case Studies for Operational Excellence
Track Chair: Russ Aikman; RC: Jim Duarte
Marcello Ballroom 4403-4404, 4503-4504 

1:15 PM-
1:50 PM

Session #LSS – 151
Operationalizing Value Steam and A3 Thinking - Going Beyond the Theory
Andrew Wilkinson, Global Lean Platform Lead, Monsanto, Fowler, IN, USA

Session #LSS – 161
Process Innovation: When a Step-Change Is Needed
Gregory Robertson, Lean Strategy and Implementation Manager, Hallmark, Kansas City, MO, USA

Session #LSS – 171
Tales of the Force, Case Studies in Structured Problem Solving
Beverly Daniels, Sr. Director Operational Excellence, IDEXX, Westbrook, ME, USA

1:50 PM-
2:25 PM

Session #LSS – 152
Creating and Using a Shingo Style Process Map
Peter Gaa, Principal Director, Accenture, Boerne, TX, US

Session #LSS – 162
Lean Six Sigma for Robust Process Development
Barry Gujral, Real Time Release Process Engineer, Patheon, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Durham, NC, USA; Co-Presenter: Jonathan Paul Goerk, Real Time Release Process Engineer, Patheon, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Durham, NC, USA

Session #LSS – 172
Launching Operational Excellence at an International Pharmaceutical Company
Jeanne Sirovatka, Ph.D., Senior Director, Continuous Improvement, Fresenius Kabi, Melrose Park, IL, USA

2:25 PM-
3:00 PM

Session #LSS – 153
Lean AGILE and Voice of the Customer: Aligned for Success!
Nathan Gehman,  Manager, Advanced Analytics Manager, Aflac, Columbus, GA, USA

Session #LSS – 163
An Interval for Capturing a High Percentage of the Process with Confidence
Scott Kowalski, Ph.D., Senior Technical Trainer, Minitab, Inc., State College, PA, USA

Session #LSS – 173
Don't Ignore Data Quality in Your Supply Chain!
Chad Walters, Six Sigma Black Belt, Supply Chain Management, Beaver Street Fisheries, Jacksonville, FL, USA

4:00 PM–
5:00 PM

ISOLSS Joint Session

208 Seconds: A Lifetime of Lessons

Captain Sully Sullenberger

Captain Sully Sullenberger, International Hero for "Miracle on the Hudson," for Safely Guiding a US Airways Jetliner to an Emergency Landing On The Icy Hudson River Capt. Sully's story is one of dedication, hope, and preparedness, revealing the important lessons he learned through his life, in his military service, and in his work as an airline pilot. In this riveting presentation, he shares details from the 208 seconds that put his entire career on the line. He reminds audiences, even in these days of conflict, tragedy and uncertainty, there are values still worth fighting for—that life's challenges can be met if we're ready for them. Are you ready to aspire to new levels of excellence in life and business?

Introduction by Lorri Hunt, Chair, ISO 9000 World Conference

Marcello Ballroom 4403-4404 & 4503-4504 (4th Floor)

Track Chair: Bonnie Stone; RC: Marco Luzzatti, Joel Smith, Charli Hoialmen

5:00 PM-
6:00 PM

Reception With Captain Sully Sullenberger

Zeno 4604-4610


Thursday, April 5, 2018

8:00 AM-
4:00 PM

Lean & Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Workshop

Zeno 4805-4806

0.7 CEU

Presented by Don Johnston of Roxtar, Inc. and Bonnie Stone of Minitab, Inc.

Note that this special workshop price is made possible by our sponsors Roxtar, Inc. and Minitab, Inc. Upon successful completion of this workshop, participants will be Lean & Six Sigma Yellow Belt certified, and will receive a certificate of attendance.