5S & Lean Six Sigma – Applying Workplace Organization Concepts

Agile & Scrum in Managing a Lean Six Sigma Project

AI & BI: Maximizing Data Intelligence for Sustainable Performance

 Beginners – Overcome the Fear of Lean Six Sigma to Ensure Sustained Success

Big Data and Lean Six Sigma: Avoid the Analysis Paralysis with Too Much Data

 Career Paths in Lean Six Sigma: Resume Building and Career Path Options 

Change Management – Lean Six Sigma Tool Box to Create Buy In and Deliver Success

Coaching for Success: Team Building and Lean Six Sigma Facilitation Best Practices

Deployment – Launching & Sustaining Successful Lean Six Sigma Programs

Ecommerce – Lean Six Sigma Success Stories from a Digital Perspective

Employee Engagement – Apply Lean Six Sigma to Promote Change & Innovation

Future of Lean Six Sigma - Careers, High Tech, Standards & professional Certifications

Gamification: Making Lean Six Sigma Fun

Green Belt – Tips and Tricks to Be More Effective

Healthcare & Medical – Lean Six Sigma Best Practices & Case Studies

Industry  – Creating Smart Factories with Big Data, AI and Machine Learning

Innovation – Thinking Outside the Box to Achieve Breakthrough Performance

Lean in Government 

 Lean Management – Lean Protocols for Management Systems

Lean Six Sigma – Beyond the Traditional Applications

Lean Six Sigma Belt Certifications – How to get to the Next Level

Lean Supply Chain Management  - Maximize Performance To Gain Competitive Advantage

Lean Tools – Quick Changeover, Kaizen, and More

Lean Manufacturing Best Practices & Case Studies

MBB & BB - Advanced Topics in Successful Lean Six Sigma Applications

New or Interesting Applications of Lean Six Sigma

Panel Discussion – Featuring the Most Successful Lean Six Sigma Leaders

People Side of Lean Six Sigma – Team Building and Facilitation Best Practices

Service  & Customer Satisfaction - Best Practices Using Lean Six Sigma 

Statistics – Better Understanding & Application for Lean Six Sigma

Team Building: Hiring the Best & Key Attributes for a Successful Team