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Enterprise Process Management: Changing the Way We Work

Industry: Not Industry Specific

Keywords: CPI Tools, Performance, Integration, Governance, BPM/BPMN, Process-Centric Organization

Level: All Levels

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In an era defined by rapid change, fierce competition, and escalating customer expectations, organizations worldwide are seeking innovative approaches to bolster their operational efficiency and drive sustainable growth. The CPI "tool box" of renowned methodologies for process/quality improvement, have long been the bedrock of excellence in various industries. However, the contemporary business landscape demands a more comprehensive framework that transcends traditional process optimization. This presentation explores the transformative power of Enterprise Process Management (EPM) as a strategic enabler of all CPI tools and initiatives. EPM represents a paradigm shift—a journey from the linear world of process improvement to the holistic realm of process management. Drawing from real-world case studies, this presentation will illustrate how EPM complements CPI efforts by providing a framework for end-to-end process orchestration, strategic alignment, and ongoing optimization. Key topics covered in this presentation include:

Evolving Landscape of Process Excellence: An exploration of the evolving challenges and opportunities faced by organizations in a globalized, digital world.

The Synergy of CPI and EPM: Understanding how EPM serves as a strategic partner to the world of CPI, enabling organizations to move beyond isolated improvement projects.

Practical Implementation: Insights into the practical aspects of integrating EPM via CPI projects, complete with tools, methodologies, and real-life success stories.

Change Management: Strategies to navigate the cultural and organizational shifts required for successful EPM adoption.

Measuring Success: Defining and quantifying the impact of EPM on CPI initiatives through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and tangible business outcomes.

The presentation will conclude with a compelling case study that showcases how a global organization leveraged the synergy of CPI and EPM to achieve remarkable results, including significant cost savings, enhanced customer satisfaction, and improved competitive positioning. Attendees will leave with a deepened understanding of how EPM can elevate their CPI initiatives to new heights, driving lasting process excellence and ensuring their organizations remain agile and competitive in an ever-changing world. Join us in this enlightening session to discover how combining the power of CPI and Enterprise Process Management can unlock a new era of organizational excellence.


Kirk Nicholas

CEO, Blue Choctaw Consulting, Loudon, TN, USA

Mr. Nicholas is a retired Mustang Marine, former Senior Executive and C suite consultant. He is known as a dynamic leader, critical thinker, and strategic innovator with highly developed skills in capability-based strategies, organizational design and delayering coupled with workforce alignment. He was asked by the White House to help newly identified leadership of the DHS for strategy, organizational design and realignment of over 27 different Depts/Agencies into one Department (circa 2002).

He was the lead for helping standup the DoD LSS Program, development and implementation for DoD, DoN, US Army and USAF programs. He has led two of the Lean Six Sigma deployments and was recognized for leading the largest LSS program globally. He was the first to deploy LSS Master Black Belts to Theater, thereby removing obstacles that were impacting the “Surge.”

His results were measured by their impact on the DoD and US Army budgets with $54.6B found available in the U.S. Army and over $6B found in lost Theater operational funds (OCO). With 32 years of experience in transformational work, he currently collaborates with Value Added 616 on Enterprise Transformation initiatives and contributes to leadership and Master Black Belt training.


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