LSS 6002-DIS-1


NEWS RELEASE - September 2016

The draft edition of the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Draft Training Standard, LSS 6002-DIS–1, is now available for download. This standard is brought to you by AQI and The Lean & Six Sigma World Organization, a group composed of experts and practitioners from all over the world interested in creating an independent, widely accessible, worldwide resource to establish global consistency and clear communication of Lean & Six Sigma practices.

The proliferation of Lean & Six Sigma continues to expand worldwide to every type of organization. Experienced practitioners and belts continue to be in high demand, with ever-growing number of professionals identifying themselves with the title “Six Sigma Green Belt” (over half a million on LinkedIn alone at the time of publication). With this rapid growth, better and more consistent applications of Lean, Six Sigma, and other improvement principles will enhance organizational performance, individual competency, public good, and above all, customer satisfaction.

The main challenge in the creation of a Green Belt Training Standard is to balance two contradictory states: standards that reduce variation and meet minimum performance baselines, but also provide the freedom and flexibility to adapt Lean & Six Sigma to specific situations and evolving practices – our goal and much of our focus was to strike this balance. However, as this is a draft version, we welcome any and all feedback through our online form.

Please feel free to provide feedback on the LSS 6002-DIS-1 here. 

Deadline for feedback: October 31, 2016.


- A special thanks to the members of the LSS 6002 Technical Committee responsible for creation of this standard, under the leadership of Bonnie K. Stone, MBB, PMP, Chair, and Ken Feldman, Ph.D., MBA, LSSMBB, BSIE, MSIE, Co-Chair.

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LSS 6002-DIS-1

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