Wednesday Morning, March 13, 2019


LSS Track 1 - Keynote
Achieve Personal & Professional Goals Through Lean Six Sigma

8:00 AM–8:10 AM; Opening Remarks
Joel Smith, Chair, 2019 Lean Six Sigma World Conference

8:10 AM–8:45 AM; Session #LSS–011
Racing with Blind Spots
Mike Mooney, Reputation Catalyst, Brand Accelerator, Sports Engagement Expert, Author, Speaker, Crisis Management, NASCAR, Charlotte, NC, USA

8:45 AM–9:20 AM; Session #LSS–012
Improving Multiple Processes Simultaneously
Peter Gaa, Principal Director, Accenture, Boerne, TX, USA

9:20 AM–9:55 AM; Session #LSS–013
Transformational Leadership and Lean Strategy
Sean Nobari, Product Introduction Program Manager, Rolls-Royce Corporation, Indianapolis, IN, USA

9:55 AM–10:15 AM; Refreshment Break

LSS Track 2 - Keynote
Lean Six Sigma

10:15 AM–10:50 AM; Session #LSS–021
A Brief History of Beers, Bells, and Bytes
Joel Smith, Director of Continuous Improvement, Keurig Dr Pepper, Inc., Plano, TX, USA

10:50 AM–11:25 AM; Session #LSS–022
Achieving Quality in the Gaps: Birth of Robust Third Party Logistic (3PL) Company
Clint Lancaster, Senior Engineer, Plant Quality, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Kansas City, MO, USA

11:25 AM–12:00 PM; Session #LSS–023
Panel Discussion
Best Practices in Lean Six Sigma Deployment

Panel Moderators
Kimberly Watson-Hemphill, President, Firefly Consulting, Austin, TX, USA
Joel Smith, Director of Continuous Improvement, Keurig Dr Pepper, Inc., Plano, TX, USA

Panel Members
Kenneth R. Banas, Vice-President, Advanced Manufacturing and Corporate Excellence, USG, Chicago, IL, USA
Doug Drolett,
Director of North American Business Excellence, Essilor Luxottica, Houston, TX, USA
Barry Gasaway, Vice-President, Lean Six Sigma, Transplace, Fayetteville, AR, USA
Kathy Weitmann, Vice-President, Operational Excellence, Dean Foods, Dallas, TX, USA

12:00 PM–1:00 PM; Lunch Break

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Conference Chair's Message 

Joel Smith

This year’s conference is focused on making sure we are “continuing” our journey as practitioners. Whatever your level of experience, you will learn new concepts, new perspectives and network with the best in the industry.

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Wednesday Afternoon, March 13, 2019

LSS Track 3
Making Lean Six Sigma Interactive and Fun

1:00 PM–1:35 PM; Session #LSS–031
Lean Innovation Games
Dr. Mariya Breyter, Agile Practice Lead, Goldman Sachs, Morganville, NJ, USA

1:35 PM–2:10 PM; Session #LSS–032
Lean Case Study for Everyone: A Braveheart Adventure
Greg Robertson, Lean Strategy and Implementation Leader, Hallmark, Kansas City, MO, USA
Co-Speaker: Nikki Morrow, Lean Strategy and Implementation Manager, Hallmark, Kansas City, MO, USA

2:10 PM–2:45 PM; Session #LSS–033
“Strive Fore Five”: Change Your Game with Kata
Leigh Ann Schildmeier, President, Park Avenue Solutions, Fishers, IN, USA

2:45 PM–3:15 PM; Refreshment Break

LSS Track 4
Engaging Employees - Millennials & Beyond

1:00 PM–1:35 PM; Session #LSS–041
How to Teach Lean Six Sigma in an Era of Robotics and Millennials
Amit Relia,
Senior Director, Business Process Innovation, Intuitive, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA, USA

1:35 PM–2:10 PM; Session #LSS–042
Endless Journey – From Lean to Leaner
Ming Tian,
Director, Design and Property Development, Calgary Board of Education, Calgary, AB, Canada

2:10 PM–2:45 PM; Session #LSS–043
Creating an Improvement Mindset in the Millennial Generation
Benjamin M. Hoseus,
Senior Associate, Process Capability Partners, San Antonio, TX, USA

2:45 PM–3:15 PM; Refreshment Break

LSS Track 5
Kick Start Your Lean Six
Sigma Journey

1:00 PM–1:35 PM; Session #LSS–051
Yellow Belt Training on Steroids: Kick Starting Your Lean Six Sigma Program
Richard J. Titus, Ph.D., 
Principal and Adjunct Faculty, Titus Consulting and Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, USA

1:35 PM–2:10 PM; Session #LSS–052
The Secret Weapon of a Lean Six Sigma Corporate Training Program
Clint McCrystal,
Training and Development Manager, LeanCor Training and Education, Florence, KY, USA

2:10 PM–2:45 PM; Session #LSS–053
Executing a “Prime” Continuous Improvement Project
Mark Cichonski, Director of Global Program Management, 
Jeld-Wen, Charlotte, NC, USA

2:45 PM–3:15 PM; Refreshment Break

LSS Track 6
the Fear of Lean Six Sigma

3:15 PM–3:50 PM; Session #LSS–061
The Sinking of Titanic from a Quality Perspective
Mark D. Brown, Quality Director, BAE Systems, Pflugerville, TX, USA

3:50 PM–4:25 PM; Session #LSS–062
Turning Mistakes Into Marvels
Jared Evans, Professional Instructor and Lean Process Coach, MasterControl, Salt Lake City, UT, USA

4:25 PM–5:00 PM; Session #LSS–063
Can Project Management Help Improve Lean Six Sigma?
Dr. Brian Galli, Assistant Professor, Long Island University, Huntington Station, NY, USA

LSS Track 7
Lean Six
Sigma Applications

3:15 PM–3:50 PM; Session #LSS–071
The USPS Eastern Area’s Metamorphosis of the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC to DMAICI2 Transformation
Bradley L. Golish
, Industrial Engineer, LSSMBB, Accenture Federal Systems, Arlington, VA, USA
Co-Speaker: Dennis J. ChakeyLSSMBB, Accenture Federal Services, Arlington, VA, USA

3:50 PM–4:25 PM; Session #LSS–072
Linking Lean Six Sigma and Sustainability
Carol Parks,
 Director, Lean Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement, Sappi, Boston, MA, USA

4:25 PM–5:00 PM; Session #LSS–073
Best Practices in Lean Six Sigma – Highlights from the Benchmarking Study
Kimberly Watson-Hemphill, President, Firefly Consulting, Austin, TX, USA
Co-Speaker: Kristine Bradley, Principal, Firefly Consulting, Austin, TX, USA

LSS Track 8
Achieve Organizational
Goals through Lean Six Sigma

3:15 PM–3:50 PM; Session #LSS–081
Lean Six Sigma in Action – City of Dallas
Joseph Kunnath,
LSS MBB, City of Dallas, Dallas, TX, USA

3:50 PM–4:25 PM; Session #LSS–082
How Visual Management Enables Accountability and Results
George J. Maszle,
VP, Business Process Improvement, Air Academy Associates, Webster, NY, USA
Co-Speaker: Richard C. Murrow, Chief Executive Officer, Air Academy Associates, Colorado Springs, CO, USA

4:25 PM–5:00 PM; Session #LSS–083
Achieving Corporate and Professional Goals through Lean Six Sigma
James E. Duarte,
Principal, LJDuarte & Associates, LLC, Clermont, FL, USA

Thursday Morning, March 14, 2019

LSS Track 9
Mindset & Behavior
Modification to Accelerate Transformation

8:00 AM–8:05 AM; Announcements

8:05 AM–8:40 AM; Session #LSS–091
A Next-Generation Methodology to Accelerate & Sustain Behavior Change
Paul Fjelsta, President & Founder, Accomplir, Inc., The Woodlands, TX, USA

8:40 AM–9:15 AM; Session #LSS–092
Leading a Lean Culture: How to Promote and Sustain Across Divisions
Erin King, Corporate Continuous Improvement Manager, Precision Partners Holding Company, 
Windsor, ON, Canada

9:15 AM–9:50 AM; Session #LSS–093
Transforming Culture with Client Focused Teams
Dodd Starbird, Managing Partner, Implementation Partners, LLC., Alpharetta, GA, USA

9:50 AM–10:15 AM; Refreshment Break

LSS Track 10
Big Data & Lean Six Sigma -
Avoid Analysis Paralysis

8:00 AM–8:05 AM; Announcements

8:05 AM–8:40 AM; Session #LSS–101
Integrated Application of SPM, Minitab & Companion Drive Major Quality Project
Adam Russell,
Global Operations MBB, Tate & Lyle, Loudon, TN, USA

8:40 AM–9:15 AM; Session #LSS–102
Driving Business Value with AI, Big Data, and Agile Project Management
Sebastain J. Gould
, Big Data Analyst, Arrow Electronics, Inc., Aurora, CO, USA

9:15 AM–9:50 AM; Session #LSS–103
The Application of Machine Learning
Tools on Complex and Big Data Projects

David J. Patrishkoff
, President, E3 Extreme Enterprise Efficiency, Orlando, FL, USA

9:50 AM–10:15 AM; Refreshment Break

LSS Track 11
Lean Six Sigma Applications in Healthcare & Medical Devices

8:00 AM–8:05 AM; Announcements

8:05 AM–8:40 AM; Session #LSS–111
Launch a Successful Global OE Program in Medical Device Supply Chain
Stephane Deblock,
Director of Global Operational Excellence, Bio-Rad, Rohnert Park, CA, USA

8:40 AM–9:15 AM; Session #LSS–112
Lean Six Sigma Principles Applied to Enterprise Big Data in Healthcare
Gil Marques,
Senior VP, Enterprise Operations, HMS, Irving, TX, USA

9:15 AM–9:50 AM; Session #LSS–113
Simplifying Healthcare Standard Work
Nisi Bennett,
Executive Producer, Apostrophe Consulting, San Antonio, TX, USA

9:50 AM–10:15 AM; Refreshment Break

LSS Track 12
Road Map for Teams, Organizational Behavior & Leadership

10:15 AM–10:50 AM; Session #LSS–121
Hierarchy vs. Teamwork: Ensuring Your Team Is Set Up for Success
Dr. Cindy Young,
Program Manager, Fleet and TYCOM Enterprise Support, McKean Defense, Chesapeake, VA, USA

10:50 AM–11:25 AM; Session #LSS–122
Utilizing Lean Six Sigma for People, Planet and Profit
Tina Agustiady,
LSSMBB, Lean Management Consultant, MetLife, Lithia, FL, USA
Co-Speaker: Andrea Hoffmeier, Co-Founder SHERPA Sustainability Institute, Durango, CO, USA

11:25 AM–12:00 PM; Session #LSS–123
The Human Side of Change Leadership
Susan LaCasse,
Chief Leaderscaper, Leaderscapes, LLC., Marine on Saint Croix, MN, USA

12:00 PM-1:00 PM; Lunch Break

LSS Track 13
Using Agile and Design for
Lean Six Sigma

10:15 AM–10:50 AM; Session #LSS–131
Design for Lean
Padma Venkatrangan,
Program Manager - Delivery Excellence, IBM, Farmers Branch, TX, USA

10:50 AM–11:25 AM; Session #LSS–132
Integrating Agile Methodologies with Lean Six Sigma Through Kaizen Sprint
Gilberto Strafacci,
Director, Setec Consulting Group, Sao Paulo, Brazil

11:25 AM–12:00 PM; Session #LSS–133
Agile Process Innovation: Hacking Lean Six Sigma
Jay Arthur,
President/Owner, KnowWare International, Denver, CO, USA

12:00 PM-1:00 PM; Lunch Break

LSS Track 14
Improving Healthcare Work Environment through Lean Six Sigma

10:15 AM–10:50 AM; Session #LSS–141
Improving Customer Experience and Staff Engagement through Lean Thinking
Mohamed Saleh,
Director of Operational Excellence, Hartford HealthCare Corporation, Vernon, CT, USA
Co-Speaker: Connie Flores, Lean Sensei, Hartford HealthCare Corporation, Hartford, CT, USA

10:50 AM–11:25 AM; Session #LSS–142
Human Factors in Error-Proofing Healthcare
Zoran Bojic,
Team Leader, Quality Programs, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, ON, Canada

11:25 AM–12:00 PM; Session #LSS–143
Muda Marauders Attack Central Registration
Elisa Torres,
Process Improvement Project Manager, BayCare Health System, Clearwater, FL, USA
Co-Speaker: Dr. Muyuan Li, Sr. Health System Engineer, BayCare Health System, Clearwater, FL, USA

12:00 PM-1:00 PM; Lunch Break

Thursday Afternoon, March 14, 2019

LSS Track 15
Thinking Outside the Box for Breakthrough Performance with Lean Six Sigma

1:00 PM–1:35 PM; Session #LSS–151
Control Charts as a Transformational Quality Tool for a State Agency
Harsh Zadoo,
Operational Excellence Consultant, Texas Department of Transportation, Austin, TX, USA

1:35 PM–2:10 PM; Session #LSS–152
Lean Sigma Drones and Virtual Reality for Continuous Improvement
Thomas Jay Van Eimeren,
Global Continuous Process Improvement Manager, Arrow Electronics, Inc., Mesa, AZ, USA

2:10 PM–2:45 PM; Session #LSS–153
Lean Six Sigma Performance Metrics
Michael D. Ford,
Principal, TQM Works Consulting, Port Crane, NY, USA

2:45 PM–3:15 PM; Refreshment Break

LSS Track 16
Lean Six Sigma Training and Coaching – How to Get the Best Team

1:00 PM–1:35 PM; Session #LSS–161
Coaching for Success Within Lean Six Sigma
Korey Zawadzki,
Sr. Partner, VP Operational Excellence and Business Development, Competitive Solutions, Inc., Goldsboro, NC, USA

1:35 PM–2:10 PM; Session #LSS–162
Lean Applied to Your Organization’s Training Certification
Mark Adams,
Director Engineering Services, Flex Ltd., Louisville, KY, USA

2:10 PM–2:45 PM; Session #LSS–163
Coaching the Lean Mindset in Service
D.J. Duarte
, Owner & Co-Founder, Makoto Flow Ltd, Iwakuni, Yamaguchi, Japan

2:45 PM–3:15 PM; Refreshment Break

LSS Track 17
Lean Six Sigma
Best Practices & Case Studies in Healthcare

1:00 PM–1:35 PM; Session #LSS–171
Applying LSS to Reduce the Insulin Waste in THR Arlington Memorial Hospital
Toya Thompson,
Clinical Pharmacist, THR Arlington Memorial Hospital, Arlington, TX, USA
Co-Speaker: Dr. Diana L. Martinez, Business Management Consultant, The University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX, USA

1:35 PM–2:10 PM; Session #LSS–172
Transforming the Delivery of Care Within Outpatient Clinical Setting
Neal R. Wendt
, Fellow, Lean Healthcare, and Co-Founder & COO, American Epilepsy Institute, Austin, TX, USA

2:45 PM–3:15 PM; Refreshment Break

LSS Track 18
Lean Manufacturing Best Practices & Case Studies

3:15 PM–3:50 PM; Session #LSS–181
Lean Standard Work, a Concept for Every Environment?
Ricky Banks,
Lean Deployment Manager, USG Corporation, Scottsboro, AL, USA

3:50 PM–4:25 PM; Session #LSS–182
Recycling Polyethylene Process Focused on Lean Manufacturing Standard Work
Luis C. Gomez,
VP Operations, Termoencogibles, Antiguo Cuscatlán, La Libertad, El Salvador
Co-Spaker: Ernesto García, Recycling Value Stream Manager, Termoencogibles S.A. de C.V. Antiguo Cuscatlán, El Salvador

4:25 PM–5:00 PM; Session #LSS–183
Why Shingo? Principles of the Missing Basics
Larry Anderson,
President, ResourceSyncing, Plano, TX, USA

LSS Track 19
Tips for Challenging Applications of Lean Six Sigma

3:15 PM–3:50 PM; Session #LSS–191
Assessing Process Capability When the Data are Non-Normal
Dr. Scott Kowalski,
Senior Technical Trainer, Minitab, Inc., Sanford, FL, USA

3:50 PM–4:25 PM; Session #LSS–192
Surviving and Thriving: A DMAIC Case Study in Process Improvement
Michael P. Jarosh,
Process Engineer, Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products, Scranton, PA, USA

4:25 PM–5:00 PM; Session #LSS–193
Ten Best Practices for Driving Continuous Improvement With Customer Surveys
John Goodman,
CCMC, Bethesda, MD, USA
Co-Speaker: Vicki Soulimiotis, Senior Manager Customer Experience and Insights, Chick-Fil-A, Atlanta, GA, USA


Pre-Conference Workshop
Tuesday, March 12, 2019 

Workshop 11
Lean Six Sigma
Yellow Belt 

Certification Workshop

8 AM–4 PM; 0.7 CEU
Tina Agustiady, LSSMBB, Lean Management Consultant, MetLife, Lithia, FL, USA
Jeffrey Johnson, Director Process Improvement, USG Corporation, Chicago, IL, USA

Post-Conference Workshop
Friday, March 15, 2019

8 AM–4 PM; 0.7 CEU
Bryan Collins, Director of Performance Improvement, Kaiser Permanente, San Francisco, CA, USA
Thomas Jay Van Eimeren, Global Continuous Process Improvement Manager, Arrow Electronics, Inc., Mesa, AZ, USA

General Conference Topics

5S & Lean Six Sigma – Applying Workplace Organization Concepts

5S & Agile & Scrum in Managing a Lean Six Sigma Project

AI & BI: Maximizing Data Intelligence for Sustainable Performance

Beginners – Overcome the Fear of Lean Six Sigma to Ensure Sustained Success

Big Data & Lean Six Sigma: Avoid the Analysis Paralysis with Too Much Data

Career Paths in Lean Six Sigma: Resume Building and Career Path Options 

Change Management – Lean Six Sigma Tool Box to Create Buy In and Deliver Success

Coaching for Success: Team Building and Lean Six Sigma Facilitation Best Practices

Deployment – Launching & Sustaining Successful Lean Six Sigma Programs

Ecommerce – Lean Six Sigma Success Stories from a Digital Perspective

Employee Engagement – Apply Lean Six Sigma to Promote Change & Innovation

Future of Lean Six Sigma - Careers, High Tech, Standards & Certifications

Making Lean Six Sigma Fun

Green Belt – Tips and Tricks to Be More Effective

Healthcare & Medical – Lean Six Sigma Best Practices & Case Studies

Industry  – Creating Smart Factories with Big Data, AI and Machine Learning

Innovation – Thinking Outside the Box to Achieve Breakthrough Performance

Lean in Government -Applying Lean to Cut "Waste" and to Provide Better Service

Lean Management – Lean Protocols for Management Systems

Lean Six Sigma – Beyond the Traditional Applications

Lean Six Sigma Belt Certifications – How to get to the Next Level

Lean Supply Chain Management  - Maximize Performance To Gain Competitive Advantage

Lean Tools – Quick Changeover, Kaizen, and More

Lean Manufacturing Best Practices & Case Studies

MBB & BB - Advanced Topics in Successful Lean Six Sigma Applications

New or Interesting Applications of Lean Six Sigma

People Side of Lean Six Sigma – Team Building and Facilitation Best Practices

Panel Discussion – Featuring the Most Successful Lean Six Sigma Leaders

Service  & Customer Satisfaction - Best Practices Using Lean Six Sigma 

Statistics – Better Understanding & Application for Lean Six Sigma

Team Building - Hiring the Best & Key Attributes for a Successful Team